More particularly, it is the presence of time in the growing organism to which he draws our attention: past time, present time and future time are simultaneous in the natural world, what will be is already now, what is now is already past, and what is past is embodied in what is now and will be. In his various willow works, especially, Buisman collaborates with natural time, and as we encounter them (at whatever stage) we are invited to adjust our own sense of time, and by extension to consider the experience of our own never-ending transformations. Buisman himself conspires with his chosen plants to create spectacular demonstrations of reality, but his work goes beyond that. It increases and sharpens our awareness of our own living moment on the face of the earth: we live in collaboration with a dynamic nature that is both within us and outside us.




It is a salutary revelation of natural interdependence, sometimes touching, sometimes comic, sometimes enigmatic.

William Furlong


by Mel Gooding